You will use this protocol to evaluate the resources in the Learner's Toolbox. You may earn extra credit by completing a T3 Bonus (Teach the Tools). When you accept a T3 challenge, you will use your evaluation of a Web 2.0 tool and do one of the following: create a set of digital directions including screen shots and integration strategies, create a screencast to teach others how to use the tool, or teach a live after-school lesson for teachers, parents, and students.

Learner's Toolbox Web Application Review - Evaluation Protocol

NOTE - For the second Learner's Toolbox Review, you may only select from among those applications on the Learner's Toolbox wiki page that are indicated with a *. You may not select the same application you reviewed for your first Learner's Toolbox Review.

You will conduct application overviews and reviews of one of the websites contained on the Learner's Toolbox wiki page. You will use the following format when you post your reviews on your Ning blog.
  1. Name of site
  2. URL of the site
  3. General description of what is offered in terms of information or user applications. (paragraph in length)
  4. Directions for accessing and using the information or application on the site. (This is a how-to guide for others to follow when using the site for the first time.)
  5. Critical review of the content and functionality of the site using at least one of the sets of analysis/evaluation questions. (Select one of the question sets from below to answer - Independent Learning, Targeted Learning, or Reliability) *

Analysis/Evaluation Questions (for Part 5 of your Learner's Toolbox Review)

When creating a review of an application, you will answer the following questions in your review. These questions are the product of the process of negotiation and networking on the discussion tab of this wiki page.

Independent Learning

  1. Can this application help students learn on their own without the help of another person?
  2. Does the information pertain to a topic that is on the students learning level? (Is the information too advanced for the student?)
  3. Is this site safe to use without an adult and would your parents/teachers approve of it?
  4. How can this application help me digest information faster and with a greater degree of understanding?

Targeted Learning

  1. How can this application help students study for future quizzes or tests?
  2. What does this application offer that a textbook can't teach?
  3. Does this application help students learn more about the topic?
  4. How does this apply to what we are learning?


  1. Does this application make it clear who posts the information?
  2. Does anyone besides the creator of the site have the power to change the information you can access?
  3. How can you tell if this information is correct?
  4. Does the information on the website relate to other websites or print resources about the same topic?
  5. Is the website up to date?