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Job and Life Connection - Making the Move

This activity is just about as "real-life" as we can get . . . The Department of Labor predicts that the average adults in your generation will have between 10-14 different jobs by the time they are 38 years old! One of the implications of this trend is geographic mobility - and lots of it. You are a generation that will relocate multiple times in your adult life. This activity is designed to prepare you to adapt to this real-life unpredictable reality.

Task: In this challenge, you will imagine that you are an adult and have relocated to a new geographic area. Using your creativity and critical thinking skills, you will have to develop a set of interactive directions for setting up your new life.

Tools: The Internet is your primary resource. You will utilize your Internet searching strategies to collate resources in the form of information and hyperlinks. It is a good idea to chat with an adult who has relocated to gain an understanding for the types of services you will need to list in your directions.

Final Product: Your final product will be a wiki page in which you list a set of directions for someone who has relocated to help him/her establish his/her new life.

Your wiki page must include, but is not limited to, directions for how to address the following items:
  • Housing [utilities]
  • Connectivity [telephone, Internet, postal service]
  • Insurance
  • Transportation
  • Finances