We have discussed how mega-trends have changed the nature of business and learning. Business Week published an issue about the future of work. This is your future.

Part 1:

Listen to the Business Week podcast (see note below for podcast location), read the article, Which Way to the Future, and answer the following questions on your Ning blog.

If you are completing this activitiy in class: the podcast can be accessed in the V drive of the 149 lab.
If you are completing this activity from home: you can also stream the file from the wiki:

  1. What is changing about the workplace in America?
  2. What type of people will continue to be employed? What characteristics will they have?
  3. What do you find most interesting that was discussed?
  4. Are you personally optimistic or pessimistic about future employment opportunities for you and why?

* Activity adapted from Vicki A. Davis (Cool Cat Teacher blog.)

Part 2:

Select any one of the following articles below to react to in a blog posting (1-2 paragraphs in length) on your Ning blog. The question you should consider is: "How does the information presented in the article connect to the information contained in the Business Week podcast and what does it mean for your future?"

More Research about the Changing Workplace