We are going to be negotiating our classroom social contract together. The resulting ideas are the result of successful and collaborative implementation of the the following 21st century skills: negotation, collective intelligence, distributed cognition, networking, and judgement.

Here are the common themes that resonated among the 100+ discussion thread postings:

  • Feel safe
  • Respect everyone
  • Students participate
  • Teacher doesn't embarrass people
  • Students don't interrupt other students or the teacher
  • Kind and welcoming teacher
  • Treats them as young adults
  • Freedom to make mistakes
  • Freedom to learn independently
  • No bullying
  • No favorites
  • Students work together.
  • Class with limited distractions
  • Positive responses from the teach and students
  • Class pace is comfortable with everyone
  • Teacher is humorous
  • Teacher interacts with students in a laid back manner.
  • Teacher is understanding towards students.
  • Teacher is very helpful.
  • Teacher treats students like adults.
  • Fun and hands on activities

Here are our class expectations:

  1. Students and teachers will be laid back, kind, and understanding and will have a sense of humor.
  2. Students will participate in class activities and will feel comfortable asking questions.
  3. Students and teachers will respect each other and not interrupt, yell, bully, or embarass others.
  4. Teachers and students will act accordingly to provide a safe and comfortable environment.
  5. Teachers will treat all students fairly.
  6. Teachers will allow students the independence to learn and uncover things for themselves.
  7. Teachers will choose fun hands-on activities that will help students in the future.