Marking Period 4 Class Assignments

Parent Consent Form

Please return the consent form with a parent/guardian signature. Parents/guardians with questions can contact Mrs. Dorman at 267-893-5743 or

Online Application Registrations

2 points for each registration

Ning Narrative Blog

  • You will write a narrative to introduce yourself to our partner class in South Korea. Your narrative should address, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Your name, the members of your family, where you were born, places you have traveled, your likes (music, movies, foods, etc.), ways you use the Internet, and at least one interesting story about something that you did over the summer or last school year, transition team, leadership role(s)

Class Participation Points

There will be two participation tasks for the marking period: 4/11/08-5/16/08 and 5/19/08-6/16/08. Each student starts with 20 class participation points for each time frame. Inappropriate, off-task, or disruptive behavior will be reflected by a loss of points.

Individual Wiki Research

All students will individually research their assigned topics for the wiki and will collaboratively bookmark their work on the Online Connections Diigo Group

Individual Video Research and Script Development

All students will individually research their assigned topics for the video and will collaboratively bookmark their work on the Online Connections Diigo Group and/or post images to the Online Connections Flickr Group. The group work will be monitored and directed by the Video Project Manager who is also responsible for formatting the script according to the protocol distributed in class. The script should be created on Google Docs so that all group members can contribute.

Ning Network Creation

The Ning Network Manager and the Quality Assurance Engineer / Quality Control Director will assist in the creation of the network. Each Ning network must have several groups (each with their own forum with at least one discussion thread) and a welcome blog posting that is featured on the main page. The Ning networks should include additional media in the form of photos, video, and/or dynamic widgets.

Team Expense Report

The Financial Officer should maintain a team expense report as a Google Docs spreadsheet. All RFPs, deductions, and bonuses should be recorded.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

The Team Liaison / Operations Manager should create the team RFPs on the RFP template on Google Docs. Once the RFPs have been accepted and a dollar amount has been assigned, the Team Liaison / Operations Manager should log each RFP individually on the Bid List and should routinely check their Ning page, their team's Ning Group page, and the Ning Group page for the KIS group(s) assigned to complete the RFPs.

Wiki Creation

Under the direction of the Wiki Project Manager, each team should create their own Wikispaces with pages to address the required content topics. Each page should include some introductory text in addition to the web links gathered during the wiki research. Wiki Project Managers can enhance their wiki with images, audio, video, and widgets.

Team Wiki Planning Page, Team Calendar, Team Flow Chart

The Team Leader is responsible for updating team calendar on Google Calendar, the team task flow chart on, and logging team accomplishments and goals on the team wiki planning page.

Video Creation

The Video Project Manager will direct the production and editing of the team video. Each team should sign up for filming and editing time on the schedule posted on Google Docs.

Power of Being Clickable

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) more than half of all employers use some kind of online screening technology including social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace. It is essential that you know how your online footprint might impact your future.


Part 1: Read this background to gain some context:

(Note: Background is from "Little Freddie's Two Faced Future" on the TechLearning blog)

Chris Lyle, of Ocean Springs High School recently won a $10,000 scholarship by:

"upload[ing] a video to the Champs Sports group on as part of the nationwide "Are you a Champs Sports Champion?" contest this past November. The challenge asked contestants to show why they're a Champion on the field, in the classroom or in their community."

Chris is a football player, a member of the Spanish Club, a member of Future Business Leaders of America, medical volunteer at a local hospital and also the first black student at his school to be elected as senior class President. However, it was his video uploaded on Facebook that earned him the scholarship.

There is a rapid proliferation of scholarships being offered via youtube (check out the hear me scholarship contest) facebook , and myspace! And with more scholarships opening up live voting (see the $10,000 live College Toolkit scholarship), that facebook or myspace network could come in handy for your students! More scholarships are allowing audio essays or videos (California's Save Me a Spot in CollegeScholarship.)

Students need their network and need an easy way to communicate with that network. Students can reap the benefit from being networked with many opportunities emerging daily from a society hungry for leaders who understand this perplexing new medium.

Freelancing is on the rise with 31% of businesses expecting to have a relationship with freelancers in 2008 in one survey. Sites like are on the rise, as well as the use of trade associations and other organizations to find work and new employment opportunities. Linked In has more than 17 million professionals who have joined and it is rapidly become a place to find employment, freelance work, and ask questions of a professional network of your associates and friends.

With some companies advocating Facebook Fridays and other companies requiring blogging, knowing how to network and communicate online is an essential skill with many of today's famous authors, movie stars, and rock stars boasting prolifically viral networks via Facebook and myspace.

Miss New Jersey was forced to share her public pictures on the Today show when one of her "friends" copied them and threatened to blackmail her and mail them to the news outlets.

Wall Street Journal's college edition advises students to "Clean up their Facebook" accounts. Inappropriate photos are coming back to "haunt" people now. Imagine in 20 years when someone is running for president if he or she has to account for every photo taken in college!

Part 2: Read the following articles.

Part 3: On your Ning blog . . .

1. Summarize the major points of the articles and background reading (this can be a bulleted list and should be representative of both the background reading and the two articles)
2. Explain in a solid paragraph the impact of this information on your future. (This paragraph could include both positive and negative consequences of being clickable.)
3. Then, offer a list of suggestions to people who are currently seeking jobs or applying for college.

Online Safety Survival Guide

The goal of this task is to overview best practices in online safety and security. You will demonstrate your learning by creating a Ning blog posting. (see the for instructions on posting a blog)

  • Research Requirements (At a minimum, your posting must include and reference information from the following four websites. You may gather more information from the other sites included on the Online Safety wiki page.)
  • Content Requirements of the Survival Guide that you will post on your Ning blog are:
    • Detailed description of some of the common dangers existing on the Internet (i.e. personal identity, physical safety, bullying, etc.) - what should newcomers to the Internet be aware of and watch out for? (one paragraph in length)
    • "Do and Don't" list of at least 5 items in each category that students should do and should not do in order to protect themselves and their personal identity online
    • A recommendation guide for parents to inform them of specific actions they can take to assure the safety of their children who are online. (this list could include web site links you would recommend)

Cyberbullying Quest

  • You will create a posting on your Ning blog that addresses the following questions with specific details from the research. (You should use at least one of the current events articles posted below as well as some of the web site links as references in your posting.)
  • Questions to answer in your Ning posting:
    • What is cyberbullying and how is it similar to and different from traditional bullying?
    • What are some examples of cyberbullying and how does it negatively impact both the victim and the bully?
    • What steps can be taken to protect oneself against cyberbullying?
    • What can YOU do to demonstrate good digital citizenship (a.k.a. netiquette)? (i.e. What specific behaviors will you practice to be a model online citizen?)

Recommended Web Sites